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  ( scans    plural & 3rd person present)   ( scanning    present participle)   ( scanned    past tense & past participle  )
1       verb   When you scan written material, you look through it quickly in order to find important or interesting information.  
She scanned the advertisement pages of the newspapers...      V n  
I haven't read much into it as yet. I've only just scanned through it.      V through n  
      Scan is also a noun., n-sing  
I just had a quick scan through your book again.     
2       verb   When you scan a place or group of people, you look at it carefully, usually because you are looking for something or someone.  
no passive  
The officer scanned the room...      V n  
She was nervous and kept scanning the crowd for Paul...      V n for n  
He raised the binoculars to his eye again, scanning across the scene.      V prep  
3       verb   If people scan something such as luggage, they examine it using a machine that can show or find things inside it that cannot be seen from the outside.  
Their approach is to scan every checked-in bag with a bomb detector.      V n  
  scanning      n-uncount  
...routine scanning of luggage.     
4       verb   If a computer disk is scanned, a program on the computer checks the disk to make sure that it does not contain a virus.     (COMPUTING)  
The disk has no viruses<endash>I've scanned it already.      V n  
5       verb   If a picture or document is scanned into a computer, a machine passes a beam of light over it to make a copy of it in the computer.     (COMPUTING)   usu passive  
The entire paper contents of all libraries will eventually be scanned into computers...      be V-ed into/onto n  
Designs can also be scanned in from paper.      be V-ed in/on  
6       verb   If a radar or sonar machine scans an area, it examines or searches it by sending radar or sonar beams over it.  
The ship's radar scanned the sea ahead.      V n  
7       n-count   A scan is a medical test in which a machine sends a beam of X-rays over a part of your body in order to check that it is healthy.  
usu with supp  
He was rushed to hospital for a brain scan.     
8       n-count   If a pregnant woman has a scan, a machine using sound waves produces an image of her womb on a screen so that a doctor can see if her baby is developing normally.  
9       verb   If a line of a poem does not scan, it is not the right length or does not have emphasis in the right places to match the rest of the poem.  
usu with brd-neg  
He had written a few poems. Sid told him they didn't scan.      V  
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check, check out     (informal)   clock     (Brit. slang)   con     (archaic)   examine, eye, eyeball     (U.S. slang)   get a load of     (informal)   glance over, investigate, look one up and down, look through, recce     (slang)   run one's eye over, run over, scour, scrutinize, search, size up     (informal)   skim, survey, sweep, take a dekko at     (Brit. slang)   take stock of  

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