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      n   pl   , pities  
1    sympathy or sorrow felt for the sufferings of another  
2    have (or take) pity on   to have sympathy or show mercy for  
3    something that causes regret or pity  
4    an unfortunate chance  
what a pity you can't come     
5    more's the pity   it is highly regrettable (that)  
      vb   , pities, pitying, pitied  
6    tr   to feel pity for  
     (C13: from Old French pité, from Latin pietas duty)  
  pitying      adj  
  pityingly      adv  

      n   the act or state of pitying oneself, esp. in an exaggerated or self-indulgent manner  
  self-pitying      adj  
  self-pityingly      adv  
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1    charity, clemency, commiseration, compassion, condolence, fellow feeling, forbearance, kindness, mercy, quarter, sympathy, tenderness, understanding  
2    bummer     (slang)   crime     (informal)   crying shame, misfortune, regret, sad thing, shame, sin  
3    take pity on      feel compassion for, forgive, have mercy on, melt, pardon, put out of one's misery, relent, reprieve, show mercy, spare  
4    bleed for, commiserate with, condole with, feel for, feel sorry for, grieve for, have compassion for, sympathize with, weep for  
1    anger, apathy, brutality, cruelty, disdain, fury, hard-heartedness, indifference, inhumanity, mercilessness, pitilessness, ruthlessness, scorn, severity, unconcern, wrath  

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