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, co-ordinate         
1    tr   to organize or integrate (diverse elements) in a harmonious operation  
2    to place (things) in the same class or order, or (of things) to be placed in the same class or order  
3    intr   to work together, esp. harmoniously  
4    intr   to take or be in the form of a harmonious order  
5      (Chem)   to form or cause to form a coordinate bond  
6      (Maths)   any of a set of numbers that defines the location of a point in space with reference to a system of axes  
   See       Cartesian coordinates       polar coordinates  
7    a person or thing equal in rank, type, etc.  
8    of, concerned with, or involving coordination  
9    of the same rank, type, etc.  
10    of or involving the use of coordinates  
coordinate geometry        (See also)        coordinates  
  coordinately, co-ordinately      adv  
  coordinateness, co-ordinateness      n  
  coordinative, co-ordinative      adj  
  coordinator, co-ordinator      n  
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