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1    easily sensed or understood; clear; precise  
2    when postpositive, foll by: from   not the same (as); separate (from); distinguished (from)  
3    not alike; different  
4    sharp; clear  
5    recognizable; definite  
a distinct improvement     
6    explicit; unequivocal  
7      (Maths, logic)   (of a pair of entities) not numerically identical  
8      (Botany)   (of parts of a plant) not joined together; separate  
     (C14: from Latin distinctus, from distinguere to distinguish)  
  distinctly      adv  
  distinctness      n  
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1    apparent, black-and-white, blatant, bold, clear, clear-cut, decided, definite, evident, lucid, manifest, marked, noticeable, obvious, palpable, patent, plain, recognizable, sharp, unambiguous, unmistakable, well-defined  
2    detached, different, discrete, dissimilar, individual, separate, unconnected  
1    fuzzy, indefinite, indistinct, obscure, unclear, vague  
2    common, connected, identical, indistinct, similar  

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