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      vb   mainly tr  
1    to secure the services of; employ  
2    to secure for use; reserve  
engage a room     
3    to involve (a person or his attention) intensely; engross; occupy  
4    to attract (the affection) of (a person)  
her innocence engaged him     
5    to draw (somebody) into conversation  
6    intr   to take part; participate  
he engages in many sports     
7    to promise (to do something)  
8    also intr     (Military)   to begin an action with (an enemy)  
9    to bring (a mechanism) into operation  
he engaged the clutch     
10    also intr   to undergo or cause to undergo interlocking, as of the components of a driving mechanism, such as a gear train  
11      (Machinery)   to locate (a locking device) in its operative position or to advance (a tool) into a workpiece to commence cutting  
     (C15: from Old French engagier, from en-1 + gage a pledge, see gage1)  
  engager      n  

engagé   ,   (fem)   engagée     (French)  
      adj   (of a writer or artist) morally or politically committed to some ideology  
Dicionário de inglês definição  


1    appoint, commission, employ, enlist, enrol, hire, retain, take on  
2    bespeak, book, charter, hire, lease, prearrange, rent, reserve, secure  
3    absorb, busy, engross, grip, involve, occupy, preoccupy, tie up  
4    allure, arrest, attach, attract, captivate, catch, charm, draw, enamour, enchant, fascinate, fix, gain, win  
5    embark on, enter into, join, partake, participate, practise, set about, take part, undertake  
6    affiance, agree, betroth     (archaic)   bind, commit, contract, covenant, guarantee, obligate, oblige, pledge, promise, undertake, vouch, vow  
7      (Military)   assail, attack, combat, come to close quarters with, encounter, face off     (slang)   fall on, fight with, give battle to, join battle with, meet, take on  
8    activate, apply, bring into operation, energize, set going, switch on  
9    dovetail, interact, interconnect, interlock, join, mesh  
1    axe     (informal)   discharge, dismiss, fire     (informal)   give notice to, lay off, oust, remove, sack     (informal)  

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engage as a participant
a deliberate and strategic effort to engage one in a donor/investor relationship
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