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1    a point in time beginning a new or distinctive period  
the invention of nuclear weapons marked an epoch in the history of warfare     
2    a long period of time marked by some predominant or typical characteristic; era  
3      (Astronomy)   a precise date to which information, such as coordinates, relating to a celestial body is referred  
4      (Geology)   a unit of geological time within a period during which a series of rocks is formed  
the Pleistocene epoch     
5      (Physics)   the displacement of an oscillating or vibrating body at zero time  
     (C17: from New Latin epocha, from Greek epokhe cessation; related to ekhein to hold, have)  
  epochal      adj  
  epochally      adv  

      adj   of great importance; momentous  
magnetic epoch  
      n     (Geology)   a geologically long period of time during which the magnetic field of the earth retains the same polarity. The magnetic field may reverse during such a period for a geologically short period of time (a magnetic event)  
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age, date, era, period, time  

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