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      vb   , fights, fighting, fought  
1    to oppose or struggle against (an enemy) in battle  
2    to oppose or struggle against (a person, thing, cause, etc.) in any manner  
3    tr   to engage in or carry on (a battle, contest, etc.)  
4    when intr often foll by: for   to uphold or maintain (a cause, ideal, etc.) by fighting or struggling  
to fight for freedom     
5    tr   to make or achieve (a way) by fighting  
6    intr     (Boxing)  
a    to box, as for a living  
b    to use aggressive rough tactics  
7    to engage (another or others) in combat  
8    fight it out   to contend or struggle until a decisive result is obtained  
9    fight shy of   to keep aloof from  
10    a battle, struggle, or physical combat  
11    a quarrel, dispute, or contest  
12    resistance (esp. in the phrase to put up a fight)  
13    the desire to take part in physical combat (esp. in the phrase to show fight)  
14    a boxing match,   (See also)        fight back       fight off  
     (Old English feohtan; related to Old Frisian fiuchta, Old Saxon, Old High German fehtan to fight)  
  fighting      n, adj  

bun fight  
      n     (Brit)  
1    a tea party  
2    Ironic   an official function  
faction fight  
      n     (S. African)   a fight between rival Black groups, usually originating in tribal or clan feuds  
fight back  
      vb   adv  
1    intr   to resist an attack  
2    intr   to counterattack  
3    tr   to struggle to repress  
she tried to fight back her tears     
4    an act or campaign of resistance  
5    a counterattack  
fight off  
      vb   tr, adv  
1    to repulse; repel  
2    to struggle to avoid or repress  
to fight off a cold     
      n   modifier   involving or relating to an involuntary response to stress in which the hormone adrenaline is secreted into the blood in readiness for physical action, such as fighting or running away  
pillow fight  
      n   a mock fight in which participants thump each other with pillows  
straight fight  
      n   a contest between two candidates only  
Dicionário de inglês definição  



1    assault, battle, bear arms against, box, brawl, carry on war, clash, close, combat, come to blows, conflict, contend, cross swords, do battle, engage, engage in hostilities, exchange blows, feud, fight like Kilkenny cats, go to war, grapple, joust, lock horns, row, scrap     (informal)   spar, struggle, take the field, take up arms against, tilt, tussle, wage war, war, wrestle  
2    contest, defy, dispute, make a stand against, oppose, resist, stand up to, strive, struggle, withstand  
3    argue, bicker, dispute, fall out     (informal)   squabble, wrangle  
4    carry on, conduct, engage in, prosecute, wage  
5    fight shy of      avoid, duck out of     (informal)   keep aloof from, keep at arm's length, shun, steer clear of  
6    action, affray     (Law)   altercation, bagarre, battle, bout, brawl, brush, clash, combat, conflict, contest, dispute, dissension, dogfight, duel, encounter, engagement, exchange of blows, fracas, fray, free-for-all     (informal)   head-to-head, hostilities, joust, melee or mêlée, passage of arms, riot, row, rumble     (U.S. & N.Z. slang)   scrap     (informal)   scrimmage, scuffle, set-to     (informal)   shindig     (informal)   shindy     (informal)   skirmish, sparring match, struggle, tussle, war  
7      (figurative)   belligerence, gameness, mettle, militancy, pluck, resistance, spirit, will to resist  

fight back  
1    defend oneself, give tit for tat, hit back, put up a fight, reply, resist, retaliate  
2    bottle up, contain, control, curb, hold back, hold in check, restrain  
fight down     
bottle up, control, curb, hold back, repress, restrain, suppress  
fight off     
beat off, keep or hold at bay, repel, repress, repulse, resist, stave off, ward off  

Dicionário de inglês sinônimos  

pick a fight exp.
start an argument on purpose

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telling someone to fight you."do sth !"
A punch delivered in a Friday or Saturday night fight that is so powerful that the opponent does not regain consciousness until Sunday.
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