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      vb   , levies, levying, levied   tr  
1    to impose and collect (a tax, tariff, fine, etc.)  
2    to conscript troops for service  
3    to seize or attach (property) in accordance with the judgment of a court  
      n   pl   , levies  
a    the act of imposing and collecting a tax, tariff, etc.  
b    the money so raised  
a    the conscription of troops for service  
b    a person conscripted in this way  
     (C15: from Old French levée a raising, from lever, from Latin levare to raise)  
  levier      n  

capital levy  
      n   a tax on capital or property as contrasted with a tax on income  
      n   Lucien (lysjɛ̃). 1857--1939, French anthropologist and philosopher, noted for his study of the psychology of primitive peoples  
levy en masse  
      n   the conscription of the civilian population in large numbers in the face of impending invasion,   (Also called)    levée en masse     (French)  
Shoemaker-Levy 9  
      n   a comet that was captured into an orbit around Jupiter and later broke up, the fragments colliding with Jupiter in July 1995  
     (C20: after Carolyn Shoemaker (born 1929), and Eugene Shoemaker (born 1928), and David Levy (born 1948), US astronomers, who discovered the orbiting fragments)  
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1    charge, collect, demand, exact, gather, impose, tax  
2    call, call up, conscript, mobilize, muster, press, raise, summon  
3    assessment, collection, exaction, gathering, imposition  
4    assessment, duty, excise, fee, imposition, impost, tariff, tax, toll  

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