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1    to press (something, esp. flesh) tightly between two surfaces, esp. between a finger and the thumb (see nip1)  
2    to confine, squeeze, or painfully press (toes, fingers, etc.) because of lack of space  
these shoes pinch     
3    tr   to cause stinging pain to  
the cold pinched his face     
4    tr   to make thin or drawn-looking, as from grief, lack of food, etc.  
5    usually foll by: on   to provide (oneself or another person) with meagre allowances, amounts, etc.  
6    pinch pennies   to live frugally because of meanness or to economize  
7    tr     (Nautical)   to sail (a sailing vessel) so close to the wind that her sails begin to luff and she loses way  
8    intr; sometimes foll by: out   (of a vein of ore) to narrow or peter out  
9    usually foll by: off, out, or back   to remove the tips of (buds, shoots, etc.) to correct or encourage growth  
10    tr  
Informal   to steal or take without asking  
11    tr  
Informal   to arrest  
12    a squeeze or sustained nip  
13    the quantity of a substance, such as salt, that can be taken between a thumb and finger  
14    a very small quantity  
15    a critical situation; predicament; emergency  
if it comes to the pinch we'll have to manage     
16    usually preceded by: the   sharp, painful, or extreme stress, need, etc.  
feeling the pinch of poverty     
17       See       pinch bar  
18    Slang   a robbery  
19    Slang   a police raid or arrest  
20    at a pinch   if absolutely necessary  
21    with a pinch or grain of salt   without wholly believing; sceptically  
     (C16: probably from Old Norman French pinchier (unattested); related to Old French pincier to pinch; compare Late Latin punctiare to prick)  

pinch bar  
      n   a crowbar with a lug formed on it to provide a fulcrum  
pinch effect  
      n   the constriction of a beam of charged particles, caused by a force on each particle due to its motion in the magnetic field generated by the movement of the other particles  
      vb   , -hits, -hitting, -hit   intr  
1      (Baseball)   to bat as a substitute for the scheduled batter  
2      (U.S. and Canadian)  
informal   to act as a substitute  
  pinch hitter      n  
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