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  (Chiefly Brit)  
1    a line of people, vehicles, etc., waiting for something  
a queue at the theatre     
2      (Computing)   a list in which entries are deleted from one end and inserted at the other  
3    a pigtail  
4    jump the queue      See       queue-jump  
      vb   , queues, queuing, queueing, queued  
5    intr; often foll by: up   to form or remain in a line while waiting  
6      (Computing)   to arrange (a number of programs) in a predetermined order for accessing by a computer,   (U.S. and Canadian word)    line  
     (C16 (in the sense: tail); C18 (in the sense: pigtail): via French from Latin cauda tail)  

      vb   intr  
1    to take a place in a queue ahead of those already queuing; push in  
2    to obtain prior consideration or some other advantage out of turn or unfairly,   (Also)    jump the queue  
  queue-jumper      n  
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chain, concatenation, file, line, order, progression, sequence, series, string, succession, train  

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