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a    the act or process of making a record, esp. of sound on a gramophone record or magnetic tape  
b    (as modifier)  
recording studio, recording head     
2    the record or tape so produced  
3    something that has been recorded, esp. a radio or television programme  

analogue recording  
      n   a sound recording process in which an audio input is converted into an analogous electrical waveform  
digital recording  
      n   a sound recording process that converts audio or analogue signals into a series of pulses that correspond to the voltage level. These can be stored on tape or on any other memory system  
double-system sound recording  
      n     (Films)   a system in which picture and sound are taken simultaneously and the sound is recorded separately on magnetic tape  
Recording Angel  
      n   an angel who supposedly keeps a record of every person's good and bad acts  
tape recording  
1    the act or process of recording on magnetic tape  
2    the magnetized tape used in making such a recording  
3    the speech, music, etc., so recorded  
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