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1    connected; associated  
2    connected by kinship or marriage  
3    (in diatonic music) denoting or relating to a key that has notes in common with another key or keys  
  relatedness      n  

AIDS-related complex  
      n      See       ARC  
Earnings Related Supplement   , Benefit  
      n   (formerly, in the British National Insurance scheme) a payment based on earnings in the previous tax year, payable (in addition to unemployment or sickness benefit) for about six months to a sick or unemployed person,   (Abbrev.)    ERS  
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1    accompanying, affiliated, agnate, akin, allied, associated, cognate, concomitant, connected, correlated, interconnected, joint, linked  
2    agnate, akin, cognate, consanguineous, kin, kindred  
   separate, unconnected, unrelated  

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of or related to brahman
a player who asks too many funny questions that can be related as being stupid
Origin of the word is a "newbie" that can be shortened as a Newb
field defining and covering legal issues related to computing and Internet.
[Tech.];[Telecom.];[Internet];[US];[UK] internet law
related to animals which are slaughtered without prior stunning and the resulting meat (kosher or hallal meat mostly)
the preferred terminology used among the management hierarchy of a business establishment in reference to native ideas and common interests related to their particular field.
syn.: slang, jargon
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