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1    tr   to act as a barrier between  
a range of mountains separates the two countries     
2    to put or force or be put or forced apart  
3    to part or be parted from a mass or group  
4    tr   to discriminate between  
to separate the men from the boys     
5    to divide or be divided into component parts; sort or be sorted  
6    to sever or be severed  
7    intr   (of a married couple) to cease living together by mutual agreement or after obtaining a decree of judicial separation  
8    existing or considered independently  
a separate problem     
9    disunited or apart  
10    set apart from the main body or mass  
11    distinct, individual, or particular  
12    solitary or withdrawn  
13    sometimes cap   designating or relating to a Church or similar institution that has ceased to have associations with an original parent organization  
     (C15: from Latin separare, from se- apart + parare to obtain)  
   separately             adv  
  separateness      n  
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alone, apart, independently, individually, one at a time, one by one, personally, severally, singly  
   as a group, as one, collectively, in a body, in concert, in unison, jointly, together  

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