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a    permanently waterlogged ground that is usually overgrown and sometimes partly forested  
   Compare       marsh  
b    (as modifier)  
swamp fever     
2    to drench or submerge or be drenched or submerged  
3      (Nautical)   to cause (a boat) to sink or fill with water or (of a boat) to sink or fill with water  
4    to overburden or overwhelm or be overburdened or overwhelmed, as by excess work or great numbers  
we have been swamped with applications     
5    to sink or stick or cause to sink or stick in or as if in a swamp  
6    tr   to render helpless  
     (C17: probably from Middle Dutch somp; compare Middle High German sumpf, Old Norse svöppr sponge, Greek somphos spongy)  
  swampish      adj  
  swampless      adj  
  swampy      adj  

Dismal Swamp   , Great Dismal Swamp  
      n   a coastal marshland in SE Virginia and NE North Carolina: partly reclaimed. Area: about 1940 sq. km (750 sq. miles). Area before reclamation: 5200 sq. km (2000 sq. miles)  
Okefenokee Swamp  
      n   a swamp in the U.S., in SE Georgia and N Florida: protected flora and fauna. Area: 1554 sq. km (600 sq. miles)  
swamp boat  
      n   a shallow-draught boat powered by an æroplane engine mounted on a raised structure for use in swamps,   (Also called)    airboat  
swamp buggy  
      n   (esp. in the U.S. and Canada) a light aerofoil conveyance for use in regions with swamps, lakes, etc.  
swamp cypress  
      n   a North American deciduous coniferous tree, Taxodium distichum, that grows in swamps and sends up aerial roots from its base,   (Also called)    bald cypress  
swamp fever  
1      (Also called)    equine infectious anaemia   a viral disease of horses characterized by recurring fever, staggering gait, and general debility  
2      (U.S.)      another name for       malaria  
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1    bog, everglade(s)     (U.S.)   fen, marsh, mire, morass, moss     (Scot. & Northern English dialect)   quagmire, slough  
2    capsize, drench, engulf, flood, inundate, overwhelm, sink, submerge, swallow up, upset, wash over, waterlog  
3    beset, besiege, deluge, flood, inundate, overload, overwhelm, snow under  

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