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1    wicked or cruel; villainous  
a vicious thug     
2    characterized by violence or ferocity  
a vicious blow     
3    Informal   unpleasantly severe; harsh  
a vicious wind     
4    characterized by malice  
vicious lies     
5    (esp. of dogs, horses, etc.) ferocious or hostile; dangerous  
6    characterized by or leading to vice  
7    invalidated by defects; unsound  
a vicious inference     
8    Obsolete   noxious or morbid  
a vicious exhalation     
     (C14: from Old French vicieus, from Latin vitiosus full of faults, from vitium a defect)  
  viciously      adv  
  viciousness      n  

vicious circle  
1      (Also)    vicious cycle   a situation in which an attempt to resolve one problem creates new problems that lead back to the original situation  
2      (Logic)  
a    a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is inferred from premises the truth of which cannot be established independently of that conclusion  
b    an explanation given in terms that cannot be understood independently of that which was to be explained  
c    a situation in which some statement is shown to entail its negation and vice versa, as this statement is false is true only if false and false only if true  
3      (Med)   a condition in which one disease or disorder causes another, which in turn aggravates the first condition  
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1    abandoned, abhorrent, atrocious, bad, barbarous, corrupt, cruel, dangerous, debased, degenerate, degraded, depraved, diabolical, ferocious, fiendish, foul, heinous, immoral, infamous, monstrous, profligate, savage, sinful, unprincipled, vile, violent, wicked, worthless, wrong  
2    backbiting, bitchy     (informal)   cruel, defamatory, malicious, mean, rancorous, slanderous, spiteful, venomous, vindictive  
1    docile, friendly, gentle, good, honourable, kind, playful, tame, upright, virtuous  
2    appreciative, complimentary, congratulatory  

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Dicionário Colaborativo     Inglês Definição
Vicious, or wounding, in an exaggerated way.
[Slang] Example: 'The babysitter cancelled on us at last minute, savage.'
Poisonously vicious person in position of power who is not immediately identified as such. Both sexes. Euphemism.
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