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1    to speak or utter (something) in a soft hushed tone, esp. without vibration of the vocal cords  
2    intr   to speak secretly or furtively, as in promoting intrigue, gossip, etc.  
3    intr   (of leaves, trees, etc.) to make a low soft rustling sound  
4    tr   to utter or suggest secretly or privately  
to whisper treason     
5    a low soft voice  
to speak in a whisper     
6    something uttered in such a voice  
7    a low soft rustling sound  
8    a trace or suspicion  
9    Informal   a rumour or secret  
     (Old English hwisprian; related to Old Norse hviskra, Old High German hwispalon, Dutch wispern)  
  whisperer      n  

stage whisper  
1    a loud whisper from one actor to another onstage intended to be heard by the audience  
2    any loud whisper that is intended to be overheard  
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1    breathe, murmur, say softly, speak in hushed tones, utter under the breath  
2    gossip, hint, insinuate, intimate, murmur, spread rumours  
3    hiss, murmur, rustle, sigh, sough, susurrate     (literary)   swish  
4    hushed tone, low voice, murmur, soft voice, undertone  
5    hiss, murmur, rustle, sigh, sighing, soughing, susurration or susurrus     (literary)   swish  
6    breath, fraction, hint, shadow, suggestion, suspicion, tinge, trace, whiff  
7      (informal)   buzz, dirt     (U.S. slang)   gossip, innuendo, insinuation, report, rumour, scuttlebutt     (U.S. slang)   word  
1    bawl, bellow, clamour, roar, shout, thunder, yell  

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